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What makes woom bikes so special – Part 6: Product Quality

Sarah Schwarz

Quality, durability and incredibly high production standards set our woom bikes apart. In this part of our mini blog series, you'll find out how we ensure that our bikes are able to withstand so much rigorous use.

What exactly makes our woom bikes so high-quality and durable?

A child's bike has to withstand a lot of use, be fun to ride, and ideally last long enough to be passed on to younger siblings or friends. That's why we place such a strong emphasis on high quality bike production – from the choice of materials to the engineering and production of each individual part and component.

  • Through tube tapering, which means we reduce the tube diameter along the length of the frame, we are able to create frames that combine high stiffness with low weight.
  • The frame welds that connect the tubes are even and cleanly executed, which means that they contain no impurities or bubbles. This not only contributes to aesthetics, but also results in extremely high stability.
  • Multiple coats of paint protect our premium aluminium frames against damage and the elements.
  • We also exclusively use sealed industrial-grade bearings to stop dust and water in their tracks. 
  • The wheels on our bikes are equipped with robust stainless steel spokes that ensure high stability.
  • Our grips, known as the woom Ergogrips, are screwed securely onto the handlebars to keep things even safer for your child – we've secured them so that they won't accidentally twist or come off.
  • A plastic insert in the seat tube of our small woom bikes (woom ORIGINAL 1 to woom ORIGINAL 3) guides the seatpost and protects it from getting scratched while raising or lowering the saddle height.

In short, the quality of our bikes is reflected in every detail and ensures many years of happiness with your woom bike. After all, with a high-quality bike, your child will pick up cycling more quickly, stay safer, and have more fun in the saddle. And that same high-quality bike can also dish out an equal amount of fun for the second and third child too.

In order to maintain quality in the long term and maximise the time spent enjoying your woom bike, make sure you clean and care for it regularly – this way, it'll be sure to thrive for years to come. Check out these videos to discover the best ways to do so and which parts need a regular safety check:

An overview of our mini blog series

This six-part mini blog series is all about our woom ORIGINAL bikes. We take a closer look at the qualities that make our woom ORIGINAL bikes so special, show how they're different from other bikes, and explore the reasons why children have so much fun riding them – from the first steps on a balance bike to their first long bike ride.