woom upCYCLING Membership

Members of the upCYCLING scheme are refunded 40% of the original purchase price paid when they swap their current woom bike for the next size up.

incl. VAT plus shipping:

upCYCLING – the right bike for every age

Kids grow fast, but we still want your child to always have the right size bike – and we don't think that should cost more. That's why we came up with the upCYCLING system.

40% back on purchase price

Swap your old woom bike for the next size up and receive 40% back on the original purchase price.

One-time fee

Pay only once and receive a lifetime upCYCLING membership.

Fair & simple

Your old woom bike should be no more than two years old and must be roadworthy. Roadworthy means you would still let your own child ride it.

Free return shipping

We'll organise the return shipping and cover the shipping costs.

Fast & direct

As soon as we've received your old woom bike and deemed it roadworthy, we will transfer 40% of the original purchase price directly to your account.

Back to the road

upCYCLING bikes which are returned are inspected and serviced by our experienced staff and then sold again.


You own a woom bike (with the original receipt) that you want to exchange for a bike the next size up.

Your old woom bike is not older than two years and is roadworthy.

You have a woom upCYCLING membership.

Step 1 – in our online shop

Go to our online shop and choose a new woom bike.

Step 2 – at your home

The new woom bike is delivered. You now have 30 days for you and your child to test it out.

Then you give back your old woom bike. Please use the provided return slip so you don't have to pay for shipping.

Don't forget to indicate your bank details and order number (SPX number) on the return slip.

Step 3 – In our workshop

We receive your old woom bike and check to see if it is roadworthy.

What does "roadworthy" mean? We trust your judgement. The bike should be in a condition in which you would let your own child ride it.

If everything is okay, we will transfer 40% of the original purchase price of your old woom bike to your account.

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