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Tips & Stories

Bike riding is passion, bike riding is fun, bike riding is probably the most environmentally friendly and most efficient means of transport around. To put it in the words of the naturalist Louis J. Halle: "Riding a bike is as close as you can get to the flight of a bird!" Here you'll find stories about bike riding as well as tips and tricks to make cycling even more fun for you and your child.

Mountain biking

mountain biking - 7/10/2023

Mountain biking in the heat: How to keep your child cool this summer

Sarah Schwarz
mountain biking

Pick the perfect mountain bike for endless enjoyment

Sarah Schwarz
mountain biking

Mountain biking and the city – a good team?

Sarah Schwarz
mountain biking

How to bring up a life-long shredder

Daniela Rodriguez Bonelli
mountain biking - 7/13/2023

Kids do it best: MTB tricks taught by Tim

Hanna Stadler

E-bike riding