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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

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woom OFF: The perfect introduction to the sport of mountain biking

Sarah Schwarz

Ready to experience new outdoor adventures with your children? Want to rock the trails or take a casual cruise along pump tracks? No problem. The woom OFF opens up the world of mountain biking for your child.

To make sure the passion for mountain biking doesn't fizzle out after the initial excitement, your child has to feel really comfortable and safe on his or her bike. But at first glance, a lot of models look like nothing more than scaled-down versions of adult bikes, and that can quickly turn them into spoilsports. Too much weight, or components that are not designed with children in mind can simply overwhelm your child. 

Remember, riding enjoyment is all about having the right bike. To make it as easy and fun as possible for children who get started in the sport of MTB, we've tailored the woom OFF perfectly to the needs of your up-and-coming bikers. Here, we explain what that means:

The weight of the woom OFF sends a clear message. This much is certain: the lighter the bike, the more fun it is to ride. With a heavy bike, root passages and steep climbs can quickly turn into fun killers.


What makes the woom OFF such a lightweight? 

  • At its heart is the lightweight aluminium frame
  • In combination with the ultra-light carbon fork the bike is nevertheless extremely stable and capable handling heavy loads in rough terrain.
  • Doing without a suspended fork saves critical kilos. Newcomers to mountain biking and children who don't weigh much can rarely take full advantage of front suspension, and for these riders in particular, a suspended fork is probably just unnecessary weight. The wide tyres can be inflated to a lower pressure and absorb bumps much better. If your child already has a bit more biking experience or is riding challenging trails, a suspended fork is definitely worth considering. A lightweight air suspension fork like the one on our OFF Air is the best choice for children. High-quality suspended forks react more responsively and can be adapted individually to riding style and preferred terrain. Incidentally, the lockout function lets you lock the suspended fork so as not to unnecessarily rob your child of energy during hill climbs.

Intelligent geometry and ergonomics ensure safe handling and maximum comfort. Most of the components of the woom OFF have been custom-designed and specially tailored to the anatomy of children:

  • The frame geometry is sporty and provides a feeling of security: the deep bend in the top tube lets your child hop on and off the bike quickly in any situation. The deep saddle position and low centre of gravity give the bike a more stable feel. The long wheelbase and flat steering angle of the bike make for a smooth ride.
  • The saddle is the most important point of contact between your child and the mountain bike and is decisive for your child's sense of well-being while biking. To prevent the seat from becoming a source of discomfort, we have adapted the woom OFF saddle to the child-sized pelvis – it offers enough contact surface to distribute body weight well. This lets your child sit comfortably in the saddle even on longer rides.
  • The cranks are also designed for children, meaning that the crank arms are shorter depending on the child's height and the pedal distance, or Q-factor, is smaller.
  • Flat pedals (also known as platform pedals) are perfect for young bikers, while small metal studs, or pins, on both sides provide the necessary grip on the pedals and at the same time offer maximum flexibility. We consciously refrained from using click pedals, firmly attached to the shoe by cleats, because they are an unnecessary challenge, especially for beginners. Un-clicking the feet from the pedals needs to be practiced in order to get the feet off the pedals quickly in any situation – to avoid a fall, for instance.

The components of the cockpit also have to be adapted to the child's body or be capable of adjustment.

  • The handlebars are the second important point of contact between your child and the bike. The OFF has wide, lightweight and ergonomically designed handlebars to give your child maximum control of the bike. The soft silicone grips have a small diameter for a secure grip. The handlebar height can be individually adjusted to the rider's height – and thanks to the flip-flop design, the handlebar clamps can easily be mounted upside down. This way the bike grows with your child up to a certain point.
  • Children's hands can easily reach the brake handles and they are easy to adjust if necessary. The hydraulic disc brakes transmit more braking power with less effort from the hand – just one or two fingers are enough to precisely control the braking process, even in wet and muddy conditions. This gives kids a good grip on the handlebars with the remaining fingers.
  • The trigger shift lever is easy to operate using the thumb and, like the brake levers, can be easily adjusted. Say goodbye to gear shifting problems! The single drive is ideal for children. The gears use a single chainring. Shifting gears with only one trigger shifter is intuitive and straightforward for young bikers. Thanks to the special narrow-wide chainring there is also no risk of the chain jumping off or jamming during shifting. And there's a great side effect: eliminating the additional chainrings and the front derailleur reduces the weight even further. The SRAM X5 rear derailleur works precisely and covers a wide range of applications with nine gears and a broad range of gear ratios – perfect for kids!

The woom OFF: where off-road adventure begins!

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