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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

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What makes the components on our woom mountain bikes so special – Part 7: The Saddle

Having the right saddle gives a big advantage on a bike: Not only does it set you up for a comfortable ride by supporting a good, sustainable posture, it also boosts your performance by being a safe and ride-defining contact point that gives stability and control while off-road. 

Hanna Stadler

Our saddle puts kids in the perfect position on their bike and allows for a custom bike set-up.

A saddle that's calibrated for your child

Kids grow up fast and their bone structure is continuously changing. So don't be surprised if a saddle that fits them one day doesn't suit them the next. That's why the need for age-appropriate ergonomics was one of the most important design considerations while developing our mountain bike-specific saddle.

The woom saddles on our 20", 24" and 26" mountain bikes are designed – from shape to flex, padding and more – to suit growing children's bodies. 

With this age-aware design approach, we've made certain that the saddle supports your child as they grow up, maximizes comfort, and allows them to get in a safe, stable position so they can concentrate on the trails. 

Our ergonomic saddle in detail:

- Age-appropriate ergonomic design

- Anti-abrasion material on the sides

- Water-resistant surface

Tool-free mid-ride height adjustment using the quick release seatpost clamp

Whether you're in the Alps or shredding in your local woods, sometimes it can be sensible to adjust your child's saddle height on the go

This is where the quick-release lever on the woom OFF and woom OFF AIR enters the game: with a tool-free, hand-only seatpost clamp, you can set the saddle height wherever and whenever you want. 

This flexibility in saddle height can be a real asset if you're about to take on a new downhill trail that requires your child to have more freedom of movement over their bike, or if your child is keen to nail some new bike tricks. 

In fact, why not check out our latest series of How To videos for wheelies, bunny hops and more? Watch these short videos to pick up all the intel from BMX rider and woom athlete Tim Stöckl.


Note: The quick-release lever comes as standard on the latest generation of woom OFF and woom OFF AIR bikes. Owners of a first-generation bike – produced pre-March 2023 – can order this practical little component in our online shop

Earlier versions of the woom OFF and woom OFF AIR as well as the current version of the woom UP were/are delivered as standard with the security seatpost clamp, which requires a hex key to loosen and tighten. The original security seatpost clamp can be replaced by a quick-release design so that you can have more freedom to adjust the saddle height without requiring any tools.

Retrofittable: A dropper post for the downhills

Mountain biking wouldn't be quite so much fun without the ability to adjust your seatpost. And dropper posts take this adjustability to the next level. Imagine the ability to change the height of your saddle with the simple push of a button to suit the situation. This useful function makes it easier to control the bike in various scenarios (i.e. when things get technical) and your child needs to move more dynamically on their bike.

The woom OFF/OFF AIR in sizes 5 (24") and 6 (26") produced since 2023 have the ability to be retrofitted with a dropper seatpost for automatic, mid-ride saddle height adjustment. Click here to find out how to retrofit a dropper seatpost onto your child's woom OFF or woom OFF AIR.

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