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What makes the components on our woom mountain bikes so special Part 2: The Fork

On a kid's mountain bike (or any mountain bike, for that matter), the fork is a decisive component that influences how you experience off-road terrain and even the rate at which your skills develop. In this article, we'll unpick the differences between the two types of forks so that you can determine which bike spec best suits your child's needs and skill set.

Hanna Stadler

A rigid or suspension fork? It's a pressing question that depends on riding style, the rider's weight, and where and what they plan to ride.

Rigid vs Suspension: It's decision time

Whether your child will benefit from front suspension or will be happier playing on a rigid mountain bike is an unavoidable question when buying an MTB. The answer depends on factors like your child's riding style and weight, plus where and what they prefer to ride.

Our woom OFF is a capable rigid kids' mountain bike with an ultralight, torsionally stiff rigid fork made of carbon. What's great about a rigid kids' mountain bike like this one is how it helps them develop fundamental off-road skills as they learn to pick smoother lines over the terrain.

Our woom OFF AIR and the woom UP e-mountain bike are both specced with air-sprung suspension forks. For kids who already have riding experience, this feature can further unlock their passion. The air-sprung suspension is able to absorb the majority of impacts taken by the front wheel as it passes over rough and technically challenging terrain. There's also a high degree of built-in adjustability on this fork, including internal air pressure, plus compression and rebound damping. When it comes to activating the suspension, the fork on our woom mountain bikes is designed to be optimally adjusted to suit the lighter weight of young riders. Whatever the terrain throws at you, there will be no stopping you now!

In this video about how to set up the suspension fork on your woom MTB, our mechanic Tim outlines how to dial in the suspension on your woom OFF AIR and woom UP to suit both your child and the terrain, and explains the difference between rebound and compression damping.

So, which fork for which terrain?

Choosing the right fork on your kid's mountain bike depends on your child's riding style and whether they often encounter scenarios that warrant suspension.

Kids that mainly stick to mellow terrain and unpaved surfaces, like dirt or gravel tracks will benefit more from a capable rigid carbon fork, as found on the woom OFF. If they're particularly light for their age or smaller than their peers, this is even more apt. 

Ally a carbon fork with large volume tires and well-balanced geometry and you get a platform that supports the development of fundamental off-road skills. By stripping away the assistance and comfort of front suspension, a kid's ability will rocket as they learn how to use their arms and legs to soak up the bumps.

For kids that love shredding trails and riding energetically (and have a normal weight for their age), a bike with front suspension like the woom OFF AIR or the woom UP represents the perfect choice. 

When the going gets rough, the added capability of front suspension translates into more control, better traction, and better braking. What's more, the added comfort prolongs the onset of fatigue in the wrists and hands, which means bigger rides with your offspring are on the menu.

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