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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

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What makes the components on our woom mountain bikes so special – Part 6: The Grips

With our ergonomically shaped silicone grips, we've put control and comfort in direct contact with the hands of young riders on their woom OFF and woom OFF AIR. 

Hanna Stadler

Specifically designed for children's hands: the ergonomic woom MTB grips made of durable silicone are uniquely designed for young riders.

Get a good grip on all future adventures

Mountain bike grips are one of the key contact points between your child and their bike when it comes to efficient steering, braking, shifting and overall control of the bike.

In order for your child to enjoy their ride, they need to feel stable, confident and comfortable on the bike, which is exactly what we've primed our ergonomically shaped grips to provide.

We achieved our aim of supporting kids throughout their off-road endeavors by integrating three key design features into these woom MTB grips: an ergonomic shape; a narrow, child-friendly diameter that's better for smaller hands; and an anti-slip material

Tested by kids, for kids

Our mountain bike grips have been developed specifically to meet the needs of kids who are riding on unpaved surfaces, keeping them safe and supported while doing so.

That's why we've made sure our grips – along with the rest of our components – have had their mettle tested by authentic experts: yep, exactly, a bunch of rad young riders!

Armed with their feedback, we fine-tuned our design to provide young riders with precisely what they need while mountain biking. 

The result: extremely comfortable, child-specific grips with great feel and support for a safer ride. When it comes to increasing safety on the woom OFF and woom OFF AIR mountain bikes, we zoomed in on grip dimensions, opting for a wider end diameter.

This safety feature means added protection in the event of a crash should your child fall on the bars as the larger surface area will spread any potential impact. As a result, there's less risk of bruising and the benefit of additional protection, particularly for sensitive areas like stomachs.

The woom MTB grips in detail:

  • Ergonomic design with comfort zone for off-road cushioning
  • Tailored, child-specific design with an age-appropriate diameter
  • Special surface design for safe grip in all conditions
  • Lock-on, clamp-bolt design to eliminate twisting
  • Wider flange on the ends for added safety
  • Suitable for all woom OFF and woom OFF AIR sizes (produced from 2023 onwards)

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