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CYCLOPE Bike Lights

Safe, reliable, simple. Whether in the dark or in the fog, bike lights make young riders more visible to other road users.


USB-chargeable (includes USB cable). Keep the little one safer during their evening rides with these high-powered, durable bike lights. Includes a set of front and rear lights. The silicone housing is splash-proof, and you’ll know when to charge next, thanks to the battery indicator. The CYCLOPE Bike Lights are a static (non-flashing), powerful set of lights. The front light has two settings: normal and high.


- Splash-proof

- Tool-free assembly

- Li-Po batteries / 600 mAh (front) and 100 mAh (rear)

- Brightness (front): 15 / 25 lux

- Battery life: 3 hours (15 lux) / 2 hours (25 lux)

- Rechargeable (USB cable is included)

- Certified according to German road traffic regulations and Austrian bicycle regulation

- Compatible with all woom bike models aside from woom 1 and woom 1 PLUS.

- Not recommended for woom NOW models (which come with integrated lights)

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