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From the online application to the first interview: Here's everything you'll definitely need to know.

Before you apply for an advertised position or send us an unsolicited application, we're sure there's plenty you'll want to know. You might be asking yourself: What is the application process and the interview like? What are they going to ask me? Is there a dress code? Here you can find out how to best prepare for a woom job interview.

How do I apply, and what documents do I need to submit?

Please use our online application form to apply for one of ouropen positions or for your unsolicited application and upload your application documents as a PDF document. Your application should include:

  • A CV

Provide your clearly structured CV in English or German, and please limit it to two pages at the most. List your knowledge and skills that are particularly relevant to the position you want to fill, and provide us with an overview of your previous experience. 

  • Cover letter

Your cover letter shows us why you want to work at woom and why you are a perfect fit for us. Briefly summarize what you've done so far and how you'd like to put your skills to work for us. Ideally, tell us a little more about your qualifications than we can glean from your CV. It pays to take your time and be creative.

Once we've received your application, you'll get an automatic confirmation of receipt. But we'll also get in touch with you personally soon afterwards.

What is the rest of the application process like?

Our application process consists of an initial online interview and usually an in-person second interview on-site.

How does an initial interview with woom work?

If your written application has sparked our curiosity, we'll invite you to an online interview. Our Employee Experience staff and representatives of the relevant department will attend the meeting.

The purpose of this initial interview is to get a feel for each other. First, we want to get to know you as a person and find out more about your motivation to work for us. Then it's our turn to tell you more about us and woom.


How does a follow-up interview with woom work?

If the chemistry is right, we'll invite you to an in-person follow-up interview after the online meeting. During this interview, you will have the opportunity to convince us that you're the right person for the job. Depending on your area of expertise, we'll ask you to solve a practical scenario, which you will either work on in our office or prepare in advance at home and then present to us. The task will take you 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Afterwards, you'll have the opportunity to clarify any unanswered questions.

Since the employment decision is not only ours, but yours as well, we want to give you a clear and comprehensive picture of your future workplace at woom. It's quite possible that you'll meet some of your future team members at this point.

What software do you use for video interviews?

We use the Google Meet video conferencing tool. You'll get an email invitation with a direct link to the Google Meet conference.

How can I prepare for the interviews? How should the setting be?

In terms of content, you should definitely be well prepared and be able to give us a brief overview of your CV. Also, think about why you want to work at woom and what prompted you to apply to us. You should also think about questions you'd like to ask, especially about the company and the advertised position.

Oh, and please make sure you have a stable internet connection for the first virtual meeting. 

In general, it's important to us that we get to know our applicants in a relaxed atmosphere. That's why we make the application process very informal right from the start; for us, respect is a two-way street.

How long does the interview take?

The first, virtual meet-and-greet lasts about an hour. The follow-up interview, including the on-site assignment, lasts anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the position to be filled.

What should I wear?

We don't have a dress code. Wear what makes you feel comfortable! Whether it's in a suit or short shorts – the choice is all yours.

How long after the interview will it take for you to get back to me?

Once we receive your application, the first thing you'll get is an automatic confirmation of receipt. But we'll also get in touch with you personally soon afterwards – usually, within about two weeks. This could be an invitation to an online job interview, or we might want to talk to you on the phone about a few points on your CV beforehand. 

About two weeks after the online interview (initial interview), you'll get a personal response from us. After the in-person follow-up interview, we'll have to ask for your patience. For us, important decisions take time. Please expect to wait about two weeks to receive a response from us. 

Don't worry, even if it didn't work out the first time round, we'll get back to you personally. But now, let's assume that you have accepted our position: As soon as you receive our offer and accept it, our onboarding process begins. You can read more about onboarding in this blog post.

Are there flexible work models such as remote work or flexitime?

We care about the individual needs of our employees, which is why we support flexible work models: 

  • Our flexitime model permits flexible scheduling between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. with core hours from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 
  • We will continue the remote work option even after the Covid-19 pandemic – provided, of course, that the job is suited to remote work. The specific split between remote and office work hours is something you'll coordinate with your team. 

So, you want to become part of a fast-growing company and play an active role in shaping it? Apply now!

Still have questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our job postings and current application processes. Feel free to drop us a line, either by email at [email protected] or by phone at +43 664 4228735.

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