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Tips & Tricks

We want to instill a love of cycling in as many children as possible. That is our mission. Here’s where we provide you with helpful tips and the info you need to build a life-long love for cycling that starts right from the word go – whether it's on a balance bike, a pedal bike or a mountain bike.

What size is right?

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about our sizing system as well as all the info you need to pick the right woom bike for your child.

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How to bring up a life-long shredder

Our tips and tricks for passing on your passion for mountain biking to your child plus everything you need to know about planning a ride, equipment and technique.

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Buying a bike: the must-knows

Find out what makes a great children's bike, what you need to look out for when buying a bike and what it is exactly that sets woom bikes apart.

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From first turns to future pro