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How to Clean Your Bike


Cleaning your bike is about more than just making your ride look its best... Washing your bike regularly will help keep it in safe, good working order and will make its components last much longer. This simple process can be used for almost any bike. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Soap (biodegradable soap is best if you’re washing your bike outside)
  • Sponge
  • Small hard-bristle brush (a toothbrush works in a pinch too)
  • Old rags or towels 
  • Bike chain lube 


1. Prop your bicycle up near a water hose using the kickstand or by leaning it up against a wall. 

2. Fill a small bucket with water and biodegradable soap.

3. Lightly spray off your bike with the hose. Avoid heavy spray near areas with bearings, such as the headset, wheel hubs, and bottom bracket.

4. Grab your soapy sponge and lightly wipe off any excess dirt from your bike.

5. Use your sponge or hard-bristle brush to wipe any grease and lube from your chain, cassette, and chainring. 


It’s easiest to brush or wipe these parts clean with one hand as you turn the pedals backwards with the other hand.

6. Spray off any remaining soap and dirt on your bike with the hose.

7. Use a rag or towel to dry your bicycle. Woom pro move: grab your air compressor and spray off any additional water from your bike. Focus on hard-to-reach places like your cassette, brake levers, and beneath your saddle.

8. When your bike is completely dry, reapply lube to your chain. We recommend a high-quality bike lube like Tri-Flow or Rock N Roll Gold. 

9. You’re now ready to ride!