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Enjoy the fresh air, the fun, and all the little firsts.

Enjoy the Ahhhhhs! and the Wheeeeees! and the Wooooooooohs! (and the water breaks...very important) and the wonder, of course. Enjoy the ramps and the jumps and the new tricks and the bumps. 

Enjoy the bruises, the Band-Aids, peacing out and peace of mind. Enjoy the wiggles and the won’ts and the can’ts and the Yassssssssss! Enjoy the wind and the rain and the mud and the memories. Enjoy the other side of that hill and the technical side of that mountain and getting a little too close to that ledge and “Look at that pink sky!” 

Enjoy what’s around the corner and beyond the bend and up the block, and yup, again! Enjoy no service and a better connection and going, and going, and, ugh … we’re so lost. Enjoy the balance. And belonging. And forever following, just close enough. Enjoy passing it on, handing it down, slowing it down. 

Enjoy all of it. Enjoy it now. Enjoy the time.


Effortless from the start

The lighter the bike, the easier to ride. The easier to ride, the more they’ll love it! On average, our bikes weigh only a quarter of your child, making them effortless to handle and easy to learn. You’ll thank us later when you end up carrying it home.

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Smooth & steady cruising

We focus strictly on making high-quality bikes for kids. Our components have been meticulously developed exclusively for children, and our frame geometry is optimized for stability. You’ve been warned: an increased sense of confidence will come along for the ride!

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Engineered for joy

It’s all in the details. A narrow bottom bracket means more comfortable pedaling for kids. Ergonomic grips and saddle provide relief on long rides. Adjustable features like our Vario stem help to accommodate growth spurts. With no bothersome distractions, there’s more time for fun!

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Safety-focused design

With safety features like the Steering Limiter, color-coded brakes, and reach-adjustable brake levers, our smallest models make bike education intuitive and fun. Rest assured, your child is in good handlebars.

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Meet Our Happy Childhood Champions

Heather Avis


Heather Avis is a narrative shifter, mother of three kids, New York Times best-selling author, and founder of The Lucky Few. Heather & her husband Josh know the greatest gift you can give your children is encouragement to pave their own path, an opportunity to go at their own speed, and supporting them just long enough to let …them… go! 

Heather has made it her life’s mission to create a more inclusive world, not only for her kids, but for us all. The Avis family emulates an unwavering devotion to celebrate, love and value every. single. person. 

Heather’s son Augie is seen above riding a flame orange woom 3. His sister Macy rides a sky blue woom 4, and his eldest sister Truly rides a midnight blue woom 6.

Alexis Adegoke


Alexis Adegoke is a model, mother of three, and advocate of sharing raw parenting experiences. Alexis shares her wisdom and her journey throughout many changes and seasons of life to ensure all moms never feel alone. 

But her most impressive skill is the way she effortlessly switches gears…click!...and seems to glide…click!...from one role to another without skipping a beat. Or losing steam. She stops to remind herself that life from a toddler’s perspective is a whole other pile of leaves entirely (and one she’d gladly jump into for a day).

Alexis’s son Zion is riding a woom 2 in lizard lime, while his younger sister Zuri is seen on a woom 1 in flame orange

Emily De La Torre


Emily De La Torre is a mother of two girls and a seasoned family therapist, promoting the importance of slowing down for both children and parents. Emily uses her platform to authentically connect and relate to overwhelmed parents, offering ways to honor the natural pace of family life and reclaim happy childhoods. 

There's no question Emily is helping us all pump the brakes, soak up the valuable time we have with our precious littles, and find our own rhythms that honor the natural pace of a family-centric life. Exactly the kind of ride we’re into.

Emily’s youngest daughter can be seen riding a red woom 1 PLUS balance bike, while her older sister is shown riding a red woom 3.

Need help choosing the right kids’ bike?

The best riding experience starts with the best bike. Our Bike Finder Quiz factors in your child’s size and riding abilities to recommend their ideal bike.

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