Why buy a woom bike?

Sarah Schwarz
Sarah Schwarz

You can pick up a cheap kid's bike without having to look very hard at all and it'll probably cost you less than the new disk brakes on dad's mountain bike. Now, it goes without saying that the quality is likely to leave a lot to be desired. After all, premium products come with a premium price tag.

Of course, we aren't saying that you should pay over the odds for a bike, but a cheap one can soon end up costing you more than you might expect. When the repairs required start to cost more than the value of the bike itself, you have to ask yourself whether it's worth it. And don't forget that you're not going to get as much back when you sell a cheap bike on as you would for a decent bike. We are here to explain why you and your child are going to be much happier for longer with a high-quality bike like the ones we sell at woom bikes...

Child-friendly design

woom bikes are designed specifically to suit children's needs. They boast a low sitting position and bottom bracket, short cranks, narrow tread, ergonomic saddle, high steering position, adjustable brake-lever reach and so much more. And above all the bikes are light. This allows your child to be safe and in control of their bike. And, most importantly of all, they will find learning to ride a bike so much fun.
Our bikes also come with the handy option to variably adjust many components like the saddle, handlebars and stem, meaning they can grow flexibly with your child and continue to be used for longer.

Cool look

As far as children are concerned, bikes have to have the right look. woom bikes have a sleek and timeless design, with unmistakeable attention to detail shining through. The five bright colours definitely turn heads and give off a fun vibe. Whether your child's crazy for red, blue, green, yellow or purple, they're sure to love cycling even more if their bike is in their favourite colour!

Innovation and premium quality

This is where we separate the wheat from the chaff. Some bikes have a lower price tag because they are made up of substandard parts that are usually cheap and not designed with kids in mind. Not to mention that they are heavy and often need to be replaced before you know it.
Here at woom bikes, all we cut back on is the weight. And you can rest assured that the materials and individual components are of the highest quality, with cutting-edge technology having been used and children's requirements having been made a priority.

  • The frame and fork are made of high-quality aluminium, which is a robust and lightweight material that doesn't rust.
  • Children's bikes have to be able to withstand a lot, including falling to the ground every so often. Our frames come with a scratch-resistant protective coating, with several layers of paint saving the bike from damage and corrosion.
  • All add-on parts are made and coated with aluminium too.
  • The screws are made of stainless or galvanised steel, making them extremely robust and lightweight.
  • Wheels and tyres have a huge impact on the riding experience. Our aluminium wheels are light and fitted with sealed bearings to stop dust and water in their paces. Paired with the lightweight grooved tyres with low rolling resistance from Schwalbe, there'll be nothing stopping your child from cycling with maximum safety and minimum effort.
  • The corners of the saddle are reinforced with a synthetic fibre called Kevlar to avoid the saddle cover ripping. The edges are also protected on the sides so that there's no chance of scratches and other minor damage occurring when your child leans their bike up against rough building walls.

The combination of these components is what makes woom bikes incredibly durable and sustainable in the long term. Remember that a bike isn't just reserved for a single user. Instead, it can be passed down and used by many different kids. You'll want younger siblings and friends to get just as much enjoyment out of the bike, after all.


Used bike market

When thinking about buying a premium bike, you'll also want to consider the high price you're likely to get when you try to sell it on. On online selling platforms, woom bikes go for as much as 80% of the original recommended retail price.
Not a fan of online marketplaces? We've got another interesting option for you...



If you want your child to really enjoy cycling and improve their skills quickly, it's important to ensure that their bike is the right size for them. And yes, kids grow quickly. What you want is for your child's bike to grow with them. That's exactly what woom's upCYCLING initiative is all about.

  1. Become a member: You just need to pay a one-off fee for your life-long upCYCLING membership.
  2. Exchange your child's bike: If your child has grown out of a woom bike that is less than two years old and in perfect working order, you can swap it for the next model up. And we'll even cover the shipping costs!
  3. Get some money back: Your child's old bike will be checked over by our specialist. If it's in good condition, you will be refunded 40% of the price you originally paid for it.

Read more about upCYCLING here.