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woom's Christmas Charity Campaign 2023: €90,000 for SOS Children's Villages

Matthias Bernold,

For our 2023 Christmas Charity Campaign, we've partnered with our investor Bregal Unternehmerkapital and COFRA Foundation to support SOS Children's Villages with the provision of bikes, helmets and the sum of €90,000.

"Responsibility is one of our core values," explains woom CEO, Paul Fattinger. "This includes ensuring that our bikes last a long time and inspire as many children as possible to cycle. But it also means that we are committed to social justice and take our responsibility as a company towards society seriously." Part of this responsibility is demonstrating our commitment to institutions that help children living in disadvantage. "One such institution is SOS Children's Villages, which have been a reliable and valuable partner for woom for many years," adds Paul.

When it came to choosing the location of SOS Children's Villages, we zoomed in on Austria, where we develop our bikes, as well as Poland and Bangladesh, where we produce woom bikes in collaboration with our partners. SOS Children's Villages will use our donation to finance school fees, purchase school bags and teaching materials, and support the operation and expansion of SOS Children's Villages. At the SOS Children's Village in Bangladesh, a bicycle repair center will be established to provide courses and offer bicycle maintenance.

The 91 woom bikes, helmets and equipment will go towards improving the quality of life for kids in SOS Children's Villages.

"With this campaign, we want to help ensure that children in different parts of the world have equal opportunities for a healthy and happy childhood," explains Jan-Daniel Neumann from Bregal Unternehmerkapital.

"We are delighted by the long-standing relationship with woom," says Sylvia Karl from SOS Children's Villages. "This donation will make a significant contribution to sustainably improving the lives of children. The shared vision of woom and SOS Children's Villages to provide children with a positive and loving future will be further strengthened by this valuable initiative. We would like to thank woom for this outstanding contribution."

Paul Fattinger delivers woom bikes to the SOS Children's Village

Closer to home, woom CEO Paul Fattinger personally delivered 11 woom OFF mountain bikes and 20 helmets to the SOS Children's Village in Hinterbrühl, Austria. Once on site, he got to work assembling the bikes with woom mechanic Jürgen Schefberger.

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