woom OFF 4 Past Edition Certified Pre-Owned

This Certified Pre-Owned OFF bike (past edition sold before July 2023) is ready for a new home. All Certified Pre-Owned woom bikes are Certified Roadworthy by our bike technicians. They’ve been fully quality checked for safety (think brakes, tires, saddle, kickstand, and wheels) and adjusted accordingly. Parts are replaced as needed to make it a perfect bike for your kiddo. Each bike may come with its own quirks—think blemishes to the paint—but is nonetheless ready for the road.

Color:  black
17.2 lbs
6 - 8 years
46 - 51″

Equipped with 20” wheels and weighing 17.2 lbs, the past edition woom OFF 4 is the perfect introduction to mountain biking.

Intended for kids between 6 to 8 years in age, this woom OFF 4 is suitable for Riders 46” to 51” in height. This woom OFF 4 gives children a superlight and durable mountain bike for their first go on the pump track and easy cruising through forests and fields. The kink in the top tube makes it easy to get on and off quickly in any situation, thereby giving kids greater safety out and about on the trails. The perfect introduction to mountain biking.

Unsure if this woom OFF 4 is the right size for your kiddo? Check our sizing guidelines