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SNAP Click-On Fenders

Kids aren’t known for avoiding puddles, and now they don’t have to! Avoid mud-splattered shirts with the woom SNAP Click-On Fenders. These fenders are easy to install and are the perfect companion for wet roads and rainy commutes. Not only do they hug the radius of the tires, but also feature coverage of the tire sidewall for optimal splash protection.



- Matte black plastic fender

- Stainless steel stays 

- Compatible with woom 2, woom 3, woom 4, woom 5, and woom 6 models. 

- Not compatible with OFF, OFF AIR, UP, and NOW models.

- Snap-on installation makes it easy to install and remove


- Compatible with bikes that were manufactured starting in March 2021.

- If you want to confirm your bike model manufacturing date, please click here.

Ensuring more mud-tastic fun with less mud, our SNAP Click-On Fenders are the answer. These easy-to-mount fenders attach to your woom bike in just a few simple steps.  In this video, our mechanic Tim will talk you through how to assemble and attach your SNAP Fenders – whereby no tools are needed! Follow the same method for the woom 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 models.

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