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NEEBOWS Knee Pad Set

NEEBOWS Knee Pad Set

Let’s face it, kids fall off their bikes sometimes, especially when they’re learning or trying something new. The NEEBOWS Knee Pad Set not only helps you keep your kiddo safer but also boosts your Rider's confidence. They protect little knees without compromising range of motion. These pads are soft and flexible, but they compress upon impact to cushion the fall.

Size M expected to restock by end of February.

In stock & delivered in 3-5 business days

Added protection

Universal design

Does this pad go on the left or right? It doesn't make a difference! The universal design means that your child can wear either pad on their left or right knee. It's impossible to get the pads mixed up.


Children's knees need to be free to move. That's why we've made sure that the outer material (70% polyester, 10% spandex, 20% nylon) is ultralight, stretchy and flexible. Our pads will fit your child's knees perfectly and they're super easy to put on and take off too. What's more, the fabric is breathable to keep air circulation and comfort high even on a long bike ride adventure. 

Anti-slip inserts

The silicone strips on the top and bottom cuffs, along with the silicone print on the inside, ensure that the pads stay put even when your child is riding over bumpy terrain.

Crash pads

The pads (made from 100% PU) have a lovely, soft feel during the ride but they harden immediately on impact, cushioning the blow and protecting your child's precious knees.

Robust surface

The abrasion-resistant layer over the crash pads makes these protectors extremely robust and durable.


These pads are designed exclusively for children and are only suitable for everyday cycling and roller sports. They are not approved for high-speed cycling, downhill runs, dirt jumping or BMX jumps and stunts.

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