How a Mountain Bike Bell Keeps Kids Safe


When we think of a bike bell, we usually conjure up images of cyclists making their way through bustling city streets. Some cyclists even have a stigma that bike bells are only for densely populated urban centers. We’re here to dispel that myth. It’s a big plus to have a bicycle bell when riding off-road, especially on mixed-use trails. In fact, using a mountain bike bell can even improve others’ perceptions toward cyclists. 

If you’re a mountain biker, you know that encountering other trail users is inevitable. For safety and courtesy, it’s always best to announce your presence when approaching slower trail users. 

Remember to model best practices for your child when riding with them on the trail. While a shout or a grunt may do the trick in a pinch, hikers tend to take more kindly to the pleasant ring of a bell. Not only does the high pitch of a bicycle bell pierce the air and travel much farther than a shout, but it can also be heard up to a quarter mile away by some animals. (Look out, squirrels!)

woom’s Kids’ Bicycle Bells


Mountain bike trails often feature sharp switchbacks and blind curves, so teach your child to give that bell a ding when in doubt! The ring of a mountain bike bell simply and objectively signals a cyclist’s presence without communicating that they have more of a right to the trail than the pedestrian. After all, we all just want to enjoy nature and respect each other.

Sometimes shouting “coming through!” comes off as an urgent yell to the unsuspecting walker, and they suddenly panic. Instead of startling peaceful hikers, give them some stress-free lead time with a mountain bike bell. 

Don’t forget to teach your kiddos that even after ringing their bell, they should always yield to hikers and slower cyclists, only passing when it is safe. In the long run, this will lead to a warmer reception for cyclists on trail systems everywhere. 

It’s important to teach children early that a bell is not only a toy but also an essential safety tool. Both of woom’s bells are made specifically with kiddos in mind and are easy for tiny fingers to operate while focused on the trail ahead. 

The VIENNA Bell and the BING Bell are easy to install and compatible with all woom bikes. When installing, consider your child’s hand position and orient the bell so they can comfortably reach it while riding.

The VIENNA Bell is a premium brass instrument with a crystal clear sound that can be heard clearly through a dense forest. For those looking for a slick matte black bell to match their woom OFF or woom OFF AIR, look no further than the BING Bell. Both bells resonate for up to 6 seconds and pack quite a punch in a small package. We recommend teaching your child to use them sparingly so they grow up knowing to use them as a tool more than a toy.