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woom OFF & OFF AIR

Built to Shred

woom OFF 4Size 20″ • 18.5 lbsAge 6 - 8 years • 46 - 51″
woom OFF 5Size 24″ • 20.7 lbsAge 7 - 11 years • 49 - 57″
woom OFF 6Size 26″ • 22.7 lbsAge 10 - 14 years • 55 - 65″
woom OFF AIR 4Size 20″ • 20.9 lbsAge 6 - 8 years • 46 - 51″
woom OFF AIR 5Size 24″ • 23.4 lbsAge 7 - 11 years • 49 - 58″
woom OFF AIR 6Size 26″ • 25.4 lbsAge 10 - 14 years • 55 - 65″

The Legend Returns

Meet the new and improved woom OFF/OFF AIR. We've revamped our best kids' mountain bikes to make them even more dynamic. Ergonomic upgrades include narrower bar ends for smaller hands for a tight grip and right-sized saddles on every frame for unparalleled comfort. The lightweight, aluminum hydro-formed frameset is dropper seat-post ready in sizes 5 & 6. Knobby Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires and new tubeless-ready rims mean Riders can let it rip with better traction and less risk of flats. Let's roll!

woom OFF & woom OFF AIR

What's the difference between the woom OFF & woom OFF AIR?

woom OFF AIR

Get ready to take the trail less traveled. The woom OFF AIR hardtail mountain bike has a suspension fork for smooth rides on rough terrain, so Riders rarely have to slow down. On a woom OFF AIR, kids can safely lead the pack. 

woom OFF AIR

woom OFF

Young Riders can tackle unfamiliar terrain and navigate tricky situations with the woom OFF, a fully rigid kids' mountain bike capable of crushing the singletrack. With a lightweight build, carbon fork, and quality components, we built the woom OFF for kids seeking new adventures.

woom OFF

Still not sure?

Which mountain bike suits your child?

Read our blog post to find the best mountain bike for your child, learn the differences between carbon and air suspension forks, and decide if your kiddo is ready for a rigid or hardtail MTB. Life is full of choices; we're here to help you pick the right fork in the trail.

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Find the right size

The best riding experience starts with the best bike. For kids, that means a bike that’s lightweight and easy to ride — one that’s intentionally designed and built for them, not just a smaller version of an adult bike. Help your child fall in love with riding their bike by selecting the ideal woom bike based on your child's needs.

Find the perfect bike

Follow the call of the trails

Mountain biking gets kids out of the house and into the world, where the next adventure always awaits. Discovering freedom on wheels while shredding in the great outdoors makes every ride an unforgettable experience.

Whether trailblazing with family, friends, or other little rippers, biking off-road is a timeless activity that helps kids navigate and experience all the beauty of nature and newfound independence.

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