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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.


What makes the woom bike helmet for kids so special?

The KIDS' Helmet is specifically designed to keep children as safe as possible.

Felix Schifflhuber,
Girl wearing a yellow woom KIDS' Helmet and smiling.

Why children's heads need special protection

Children's bodies are not the same as adults' and neither are their heads. They have a different shape and different proportions.

Children also behave very differently to adults. They're curious about the world around them and throw themselves into new adventures, which means they need extra protection when things don't quite go to plan.

To give your child the best possible protection, a bike helmet must therefore meet two important requirements:

It must be adapted to the shape of your child's head and also the way they use their bike.

The KIDS' Helmet from woom, for instance, has an extended shell that comes right down over the forehead, temples and back of your child's head, meaning it protects a bigger area than many other bike helmets available on the market.

It also has several additional features to keep your child extra safe on their bike.

The safety features of the KIDS' Helmet

Right from the point of production, safety comes first with the KIDS' Helmet. The helmet is produced using an in-mold process, meaning it is both superlight and extremely robust. 

It also features a patented visor with a tough, honeycomb design, which offers a number of benefits for young riders:

As well as providing protection against sun and rain, the visor also helps protect your child's face if they fall off their bike face-first by absorbing the impact from the crash.

Another important safety feature is the easy-to-use chin strap

To enable your child to open and close the chin strap without difficulty, the KIDS' Helmet is fitted with an intuitive magnetic clasp. This is easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand, even while wearing gloves. Plus, there's no risk of skin getting accidentally caught in the fastening. 

The reflective logo makes riding at dawn, dusk or night considerably safer, since your child is much more visible to other road users.

And finally, the round straps with their clever anti-twist design ensure that the helmet is super comfortable to wear – and most importantly your child will always be happy to put it on.

Why the right size and fit is so important

If your child's helmet is going to do its job and prevent injuries, then it needs to fit well. Just like when choosing a bike, you mustn't be tempted to buy a size bigger in the hope they'll grow into it.

Both bike and helmet need to be the right size from the very start if you want your child to have fun and stay safe on their bike.

To select the right size helmet for your child, you first need to know the circumference of their head. You can measure this by simply placing a tape measure around their head. >>Check out this video for more detailed instructions.


Find the right size woom KIDS' helmet for your child based on their head circumference:

46–50 cm – XS

50–53 cm – S

53–56 cm – M

How can you tell that your child's helmet fits well?

You should be able to see a small amount (around one to two finger widths) of your child's forehead below the helmet. The helmet should also not wobble too much when your child shakes their head. Remember, you can use the removable padding and the size-adjustment dial on the back of the helmet to adjust the fit if needed.

The chin strap also needs adjusting to the right length. A good rule of thumb here is as tight as possible but as loose as necessary, remembering that you should not be able to fit any more than one of your fingers between the chin strap and your child's chin.

A hit with both parents and industry experts

The KIDS' Helmet has received many awards around the world, including the Safety Bike Award, Design & Innovation Award and Eurobike Award. 

However, for woom team member Raffael Sperl-Zimmel, it's positive feedback from parents that matters more than praise from industry experts.

"We get so many thank you messages from parents whose children have walked away from an accident uninjured thanks to their KIDS' Helmet. It's really great to hear that the children didn't come to any harm and that our helmet helped keep them safe."

Raffael also knows that a helmet is more than just a piece of protective equipment. In his words, "A good helmet makes cycling more fun." And it's true: with a cleverly designed helmet, children can just get on and enjoy their cycling adventures.

Everything you need to know about kids bike helmets

What makes the best kids bike helmet?

A good kids bike helmet is specifically adapted to the shape of your child's head and the way they use their bike. Just like the KIDS' Helmet from woom.

What is the best shaped helmet for children?

Ideally, your child's helmet should protect their forehead, temples and the back of their head. That's why the KIDS' Helmet from woom features an extended helmet shell.

What is the smallest size helmet available from woom?

The KIDS' Helmet comes in sizes XS, S and M. The smallest size – XS – is suitable for children with a head circumference of around 46 to 50 cm.

At what age should my child start wearing a helmet?

Children are always much safer when they are wearing a helmet. We therefore recommend that your child wears a helmet right from day one. Even if they're not yet riding their own bike, they should still wear a helmet when sitting in a bike seat or trailer.

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