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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

Discover the bike revolution by woom. NOW!


1. A fundamental shift in mobility habits starting in the past decade, especially prevalent in towns and cities, with bikes taking a leading role. Driven by a desire to protect the planet and make urban areas healthier and safer places to live.

2. woom NOW. A revolutionary bike from woom that has redefined urban mobility for children and teenagers. Carrying a school bag on a bike has never been easier – or cooler.

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Urban Lifestyle Bike

A new category of bikes designed for children and teenagers, pioneered by the woom NOW. Not quite city bike, not quite cargo bike, it refers to an ultra-functional, stylish ride for young cyclists aged between six and fourteen. Perfect for getting around the city. Designed to make carrying bags and other cargo safe and straightforward. The answer to Generation Alpha's calls for freedom, flexibility and ways to express their individuality.

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Lightweight build

A clever design that utilises ultra-light components and materials to achieve an optimal overall weight for bicycles. Critical for the fun factor. A non-negotiable at woom. The woom NOW may come with a lot of components*, but the lightweight build ensures that it still weighs significantly less than other bikes with a similar specification.

* Hydraulic disc brakes, front rack, hub dynamo lighting, built-in reflectors, mudguards, kickstand, frame bag, bell

Front rack

A clever way of transporting stuff above the front wheel of the bike. Carrying school bags and sports kits on a bike has never been easier – or cooler. As the rack is attached directly to the frame on the woom NOW, the result is smooth and steady handling in all scenarios. The clever design prevents any straps from getting caught in the spokes and provides sufficient steering clearance even when transporting tall objects.

Road safety

For bikes: equipment and features required to ensure safety while cycling on the road. This varies by country but may include a bell, two separate brakes, a white front light and a red rear light, a white front reflector and a red rear reflector (these may be integrated into the lights, as on the woom NOW), reflectors on the pedals and reflectors/reflective stripes on the wheels or tyres. The woom NOW complies with the road traffic regulations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. No additional reflectors are required in these countries as they are integrated into the front and rear lights. The requirements may be different in other EU countries.

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Freedom of movement

The opportunity to move freely. The woom NOW enables unrestricted mobility while riding – both in traffic and on the bike itself. Directly attached to the frame, the front rack makes it easy to carry bags safely. No sweaty backs. No items going rogue and falling out. No straps getting caught in the spokes. Just a clear view of where you and the bike are going. And a welcome sense of freedom like never before.

Clever design

The careful shaping of living spaces and consumer goods to make them as functional as possible. As illustrated by the woom NOW: a revolutionary bike that meets the needs of Generation Alpha in urban settings. Complete with smart details like the height limiter on the front rack, the seamlessly integrated twist-grip bell and the magnetic frame bag. The woom NOW has won six prestigious design awards for its considered approach to design and impressive aesthetics.

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A set of principles relating to the nature of beauty and taste. In common usage: the question of what we find attractive and want to look at. The aesthetics of the woom NOW are spot on thanks to its fresh and clean design concept that seamlessly integrates the bike's technical features. Its confident, cohesive silhouette, matt finish and black components complete the cool, urban look.

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Urban mobility

How we get from A to B within our towns and cities. Cycling and walking are the most sustainable, low-impact options based on emissions and space requirements, followed by public transport. Sustainable mobility is key to creating livable, safe cities that are fit for the future. This is where bikes come in. Instilling a love for cycling in children and teenagers is an important part of the bike revolution and the core mission of woom.

Generation Alpha

Young people born between 2010 and 2024. The way this generation thinks and acts is partly shaped by megatrends, like urbanisation, health, climate change and sustainability. Members of Generation Alpha want flexibility, freedom, independence and ways to express their individuality. They question the status quo: Does urban mobility have to stay the way it is in most cities? Or can we say goodbye to congested roads, polluted air and priority for cars once and for all? The woom NOW is a bike designed for this generation. Just like them, it doesn't settle for the status quo. Does a modern urban bike really need to look like a classic city bike? Or is there a better way to mesh aesthetics, freedom, and fun with urban mobility? This is precisely what the woom NOW does.

Design Award