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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

The massive monster race is finished!

11 lucky winners have been drawn randomly out of everyone who entered the challenge. We hope that you enjoy your prizes.

First name & AgeName of Bike Monster
Nelly, 3Marzi
Winnie, 8Cloudster
Sophia, 5Girli Monster
Lena, 4Gute-Laune-Monster
Elli, 5Elli on Tour
Rafael, 9Yoppy Monster
David, 6Little Star
Leili, 10Mein Fahrradfledermäuschen-Monster
Adam, 5Pokémon Monster
Gerti, 37Spyfighter
Mucki, 5Woomie

Meet the monsters

So, what happens to the monsters and the sticker set now?

With the help of professional illustrator Michael Hacker, we’ll spend time looking at all of the individual entries and scratch our heads to decide which monsters will make it into our new sticker set. It’s up to Michael to get creative using the selected monsters as the basis for the final design. Then, we make the sticker set! You’ll be able to go to a local woom dealer and pick up a sticker set completely for free, while stocks last.

Of course, we can assure you that the monster-making masters and slickest sketchers of slime and slurp whose artworks we’ll use for the sticker set will receive a rather special surprise from us!

We’ll make sure you are kept up-to-date in our newsletter and on our blog about which monsters made the cut and how the sticker set design is going. Promise.

Once again, a ginormous THANK YOU for taking part – you are the best!