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Join us in our mission to spark a love for cycling in as many children as possible.

woom is a fast-growing, young and international company within the bike industry. Our decision-making processes here at woom are ultra-efficient. And that is precisely what makes us so fast and flexible. We are very proud of our corporate culture and we place a high premium on it. We foster an environment where everyone can give their personal best. Every single employee is an important part of the whole.

From our interns all the way up to the management team, we encourage a friendly and informal environment. That's why, starting with the application process, we invite you to approach us on a first-name basis.

The start-up vibes from the early woom days are still a big part of our corporate culture and we're all about being dynamic, open and passionate about a big idea. Team spirit and a high degree of personal responsibility are important to us.

We like to try new things and float new ideas. In fact, we have more than 80 innovative projects in the works, some of them revolutionary. Our woomsters are encouraged to show off their capabilities and creativity. And we encourage this by supporting professional development.

Alongside flexible hours, there's also the option to work remotely should our modern open-plan office ever feel too hectic. Supporting the wellbeing of our woomsters is a priority for us – that includes putting their situation first.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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