woom OFF AIR 5 Certified Pre-Owned

The same woom OFF AIR 5 you know and love! This Certified Pre-Owned model is ready for a new home. All Certified Pre-Owned woom bikes are Certified Roadworthy by our bike technicians. They’ve been fully quality checked for safety (think brakes, tires, saddle, kickstand, and wheels) and adjusted accordingly. Parts are replaced as needed to make it a perfect bike for your kiddo. Each bike may come with its own quirks—think blemishes to the paint—but is nonetheless ready for the road.

Color:  black
22.3 lbs
7 - 11 years
50 - 57″

Equipped with 24” wheels and weighing 22.3 lbs, the woom OFF AIR 5 gives elementary Riders a superlight and durable mountain bike to tackle new terrain. Intended for kids between 7 to 11 years in age, the woom OFF AIR 5 is suitable for Riders 50” to 57” in height. The front suspension fork smooths out rough terrain and opens up new areas to explore. The hydraulic disc brakes make it easy for children to negotiate even steep descents without getting tired. Full speed uphill, full control downhill! 

Unsure if the woom OFF AIR 5 is the right size for your kiddo? Check our sizing guidelines. For more detailed specs of the woom OFF AIR 5, click here

Photos of individual Certified Pre-Owned Bikes are not available, but a gallery of sample bikes can be found here. All Certified Pre-Owned Bikes are covered by woom's standard Returns & Warranty policies and are eligible for upCYCLING