woom 3

An innovative and ultralight 16" children's bike designed for all-round use by children aged 4 years and over.

Color:  sky blue
13.1 lbs
Ergogrips, Steering Limiter
4 - 6 years
41 - 47″

Watch me go!

The woom 3 helps kids ages four and older learn how to ride and continuously improve their cycling skills. The upright positioning makes it easy for Riders to maintain their balance and at the same time keep an eye on everything going on around them. At only 13.1 lbs, the woom 3 is superlight, and a favorite companion for those first longer rides on two wheels.

Innovative Braking System

Learning how to operate hand brakes early prepares young Riders for their future two-wheeled experiences. Our color-coordinated brakes empower kids to learn which lever engages which brake. The most exciting feature of the woom 3 braking system is the adjustable brake lever. Use the reach adjustment knob to fit the brake lever to your little one’s hands perfectly!

woom Crank

The crank length and distance between the pedals are ergonomically adapted to fit children's bodies. This results in an optimal stance and very natural movements. Pedaling? A piece of cake!

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Geometrically designed for kids four and up and forged of sturdy superlight aluminum, the frame is the heart of the bike. By providing a low entry point and enabling young Riders to easily hop on, the woom 3 ensures a fun, safe riding experience for kids.       

woom-Designed Chain Guard

Designed by woom specifically for our bikes, the chain guard keeps your kid’s hands safe from pinches and snags. The chain guard is durable and frictionless, but is also easy to remove should you need to lube your chain or change a flat tire!

Ergonomic Contact Points

Comfort is very important to the riding experience and that's why the contact points on our bike are made specifically for kids. Our saddle is designed to accommodate the anatomy and the biomechanics of a young child. Our grips are ergonomically designed for kids' hands. The pedals are durable, reflective, and slip-resistant.

Quick-release Seatpost Clamp

The quick-release seatpost clamp offers a simple, quick and tool-free way to adjust the saddle height. It's even easy enough to be operated by children. On your pedals, ready, go!

woom Steering Limiter

Our specially developed steering limiter is a vital safety feature. It prevents the handlebars from overturning and helps children ride straight, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Honed Stem and Handlebar

The woom stem is the safe and lightweight connection between the woom 3 high-rise handlebars and the rest of the bike. The lack of protruding bolts and sharp angles guarantees a smooth and safe riding experience. High-rise handlebars promote a stable, upright riding position which allows for easier balancing due to more control and comfort.

High-Quality Tires

Real rubber tires filled with air make rolling a breeze. The high-quality Schwalbe Little Joe tires provide plenty of traction and durability. Your Rider will be sure to be noticed due to the reflective striping on the tire sidewall.              

Tailor-Made Wheels

The woom SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS are specially designed for the child-specific geometry on the woom 3 and feature our smooth, frictionless hubs and double-walled 16-inch rims. The rims come with a 16 stainless steel spoke design to offer a perfect balance of strength and lightweight.

Time to Assemble!

In this video, you'll find comprehensive instructions on assembling your woom 3. 

Assembly instructions

Instructions for Use

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