The best riding experience starts with the best bike. For kids, that means a bike that’s lightweight and easy to ride — one that’s intentionally designed and built for them, not just a smaller version of an adult bike.

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The all-rounder – our superlight and cleverly engineered bikes and balance bikes for children aged between 18 months and 14 years.

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woom NOW

The urban lifestyle bike – our revolutionary bike with clever features and a stylish look for riders aged six and up.

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woom OFF & OFF AIR

The off-road buddies – our ultralight and robust mountain bikes, with and without front suspension, for kids aged six and up.

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woom UP

The fun-booster – our superlight premium e-mountain bike with a child-friendly drive system for riders aged seven and up.

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woom ORIGINAL bikes are innovative balance and pedal bikes for kids that grow with the rider as they improve upon their technique. Learning to ride a bike and perfecting those bike-handling skills couldn't be easier, safer or more intuitive. Who knew riding a bike could be so much fun?

woom NOW

With its innovative design and built-in cargo rack, the woom NOW was made for kids on the go. Whether biking to school, practice, or the park, the woom NOW is the bike to take them there. Utilitarian, stylish, and one-of-a-kind, the woom NOW comes loaded with useful features to empower your Rider!

woom OFF & OFF AIR

With the superlight and durable woom OFF and woom OFF AIR, youngsters aged six to fourteen can ignite their stoke levels with reliable off-road bikes offering them lots of fun, easy handling and total control.

woom UP

Get ready to unlock new achievements! By making exploration more accessible, the woom UP allows Riders to go further and amplifies the joy of riding. Our premium e-mountain bike features an intelligent drive system and child-specific components for a smooth and enhanced ride. Whether exploring the woods, commuting to school or shredding with friends, the woom UP will be sure to give your Rider a boost and ramp up the fun factor!


Clever, child-specific and super stylish – our accessories add a splash of extra fun to every bike ride. The smartest way for your child to enjoy the ride.

We put a great deal of time and energy into developing our sizing system: It is designed to ensure that at every age your child is riding a bike that fits just right. Picking the right size is easy with our bike finder.