woom 1 Certified Pre-Owned

The same woom 1 you know and love! This Certified Pre-Owned model is ready for a new home.

Color:  woom red
6.6 lbs
1.5 - 3.5 years
31 - 40″

This Certified Pre-Owned model is ready for a new home. All Certified Pre-Owned woom bikes are Certified Roadworthy by our bike technicians. They’ve been fully quality checked for safety (think brakes, steering limiter, tires, saddle, kickstand, and wheels) and adjusted accordingly. Parts are replaced as needed to make it a perfect bike for your kiddo. Each bike may come with its own quirks—think blemishes to the paint—but is nonetheless ready for the road.

This balance bike is designed to enable your toddler to easily hop on and get rolling. They’ll learn how to steer, balance and stop—all before pedals are introduced. Even those who have just started to walk can gain confidence and a sense of balance with the help of two wheels.