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Spare Tube (Schwalbe)

Schwalbe Tube. Reliable, high-quality inner tubes from Germany's number one manufacturer. All valves are nickel-plated and valve inserts are replaceable

Single Schwalbe spare tube for replacement.  Schrader Valve only. Please select the correct size based off the list below.

Tire Size/woom model:

  •  12" - Compatible with woom 1
  •  14" - Compatible with woom 1 PLUS and woom 2
  •  16" - Compatible with woom 3 and woom NOW 4 front wheel
  •  20" - Compatible with woom 4 , woom OFF 4 , woom OFF AIR 4, woom NOW 4 rear wheel, woom NOW 5 front wheel, and woom NOW 6 front wheel
  •  24" - Compatible with woom 5woom OFF 5woom OFF AIR 5, woom NOW 5 rear wheel, and woom UP 5
  •  26" - Compatible with woom 6woom OFF 6woom OFF AIR 6, woom NOW 6 rear wheel, and woom UP 6
In stock & delivered in 3-5 business days

You want to know how to change a bike tube?

Our woom mechanic Tim shows you how to change a bike tube in this video and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to replace a bike tube.

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