woom OFF / OFF AIR / UP / NOW Seatpost Clamp (Quick-Release)

This quick-release seatpost clamp for our woom OFF, woom OFF AIR and woom UP mountain bikes and our woom NOW urban lifestyle bike can replace the pre-installed safety seatpost clamp to allow for the seat height to be adjusted without the need for any tools.

Compatible with woom OFF / woom OFF AIR / woom UP / woom NOW.


By default, the woom OFF, woom OFF AIR, woom UP and woom NOW come with a safety seatpost clamp which can be adjusted with a hex key. The quick-release seatpost clamp can be used as a replacement for the safety clamp and allows you to easily adjust the saddle height without any tools.

- Replaces the safety clamp for woom OFF, woom OFF AIR, woom UP, woom NOW

- Allows for easy adjustment of the saddle height without any tools

- 2.5 mm hex key required for installation