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What accessories, additional components or spare parts are available for the woom ORIGINAL?
What mounts do the woom ORIGINAL 2 and woom ORIGINAL 3 (AUTOMAGIC) have and what's their purpose?
Does the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC require any special maintenance or involve more maintenance effort than other woom bikes?
What's the purpose of the steering limiter?
Why aren't woom bikes available with stabilisers?
What's the purpose of the green brake lever?
The brakes on our woom ORIGINAL are rubbing. What can I do?
I can't attach the left pedal on our woom bike. Why not?
Having trouble assembling your bike? Found a fault? Any other questions?
I want to return our woom ORIGINAL. How does that work?

Information and maintenance videos

In these videos you can discover more about the woom ORIGINAL 2 and woom ORIGINAL 3 (AUTOMAGIC) models, learn how to fit the bike to your child and pick up some basic bike mechanics — just in case any small issues crop up.

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