SNAP Click-On Mudguards

Our mudguards for woom ORIGINAL bikes with 14" to 26" wheels provide maximum protection against splashes of water and are easy to mount and remove.

Compatible with:  woom 3

Puddles are there to be ridden through. As fast possible, of course! But to avoid mud-caked children and the worst of the dirt, our practical SNAP Click-On mudguards are just the thing. Quick and easy to mount, they not only hug the radius of the tyres but also follow the contour of the sidewalls for optimal protection from splashing water.

- Plastic mudguards

- Colour: matt black

- Once screwed together, no further tools are needed for fitting and removing the mudguards 

- Stainless stays

- Compatible with all woom ORIGINAL models from November 2020 onwards

Ensuring more mud-tastic fun with less mud, our SNAP Click-On mudguards are the answer. These easy-to-mount mudguards attach to your woom bike in just a few simple steps.  In this video, our mechanic Tim will talk you through how to assemble and attach your SNAP mudguards – whereby no tools are needed! Follow the same method for the woom 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 models.