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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

Bikes and equipment

Safety check

1. BOLTS Are all the bolts and quick-releases done up tightly?

The following bolted connections on a bike are essential in guaranteeing a safe ride: 

Tighten the cockpit (bars, stem, headset), the quick-release on the wheels, brake arms, pedals and seatpost clamp.

We recommend turning the bolts a little at a time to give you maximum control over the adjustment. 

2. BRAKES Are the brakes working perfectly?

Check the brakes by pulling on both brake levers in turn to see if you can feel resistance. Does the wheel stop spinning? 

Have a look at the brake pads. If the pads are worn down – or close to being worn down – they need replacing.

3. AIR Do the tyres have enough pressure?

If necessary, give the tyres a bit of air. You'll see the recommended tyre pressure noted on the sidewalls of the tyres – don't go above or below this figure. 

Have a look at the tread. Is it still intact? Now look at the wheels. Are they still running true?


Adjusting the woom bike to your child

Put a child on a bike that's perfectly tailored to their body and ability and they will automatically feel more confident and in control. That's why it's so important to set up your child's woom bike to suit them. 

  • Setting the saddle height: Find a position that allows your child to place their feet/toes on the ground with ease, without the need to shift their weight excessively. 
  • The most helpful handlebar height involves your child being able to reach the bars without over-stretching. Their arms should have a slight bend.
  • The small things count, so make sure your child can easily operate their brake levers, gear levers and bike bell.


More detailed information

More detailed information and step-by-step instruction guides on how to correctly set up and check your child's bike can be found here

Inside the instruction manual for your child's woom bike, you'll find all the recommended tightening torques for fixtures, information on tyre pressure and much more.