This robust yet lightweight rack is available in four sizes, is easy to mount and comes with an integrated reflector.

Compatible with:  woom 3
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Whether riding to the playground, pedaling to school, or simply calling at a friend's house, kids are rarely empty-handed. The PICKUP rack therefore makes a practical addition to their loyal bike. Premium materials and a minimalist design make for a robust, lightweight rack. Thanks to two elastic straps, the all-important Teddy can sit securely on the rack in no time, and your child's arms are freed up for the task of riding the bike.

- Easy to mount with or without a fender
- Material: aluminium
- Colour: black
- Integrated reflectors
- Extremely lightweight
- Max. load capacity 18 kg
- Compatible with all models from November 2020 onwards


550 g (woom 3), 630 g (woom 4), 710 g (woom 5), 760 g (woom 6)

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