These robust mudguards can be relied upon to protect all woom mountain bikes against mud and dirt without detracting from the overall look.

Compatible with woom OFF, woom OFF AIR and woom UP (for details, see equipment description below).


Even real mud monsters would rather not end up with mud flying in their face and up their back when they're out on a trail. Our MUDBLOCKA Mudguards, which fit on all woom mountain bikes, are here to help with that. They are super robust, easy to attach and able to block unwanted face packs while shredding in the mud – losing your bearings because you've got mud in your eyes is a thing of the past!


- Material: plastic, 1 mm thick

- Colour: Matt black

- Zip-ties included

- Suitable for all woom OFF, woom OFF AIR and woom UP bikes (rear mudguard recommended for upwards of saddle height 10)

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