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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

Visions and values

We make premium ultralight children's bikes. Every woom bike is designed to bring joy into the lives of as many children as possible rather than to a single owner.

Our mission is to create products of such exceptional quality that they provide children and their parents with unforgettable experiences. Our hope is that children who experience these magical moments on their bikes will grow up to be adults who regularly ride their bikes and become ambassadors of the transport revolution. 

We see cycling as a powerful force for making the shift to climate-friendly, healthy, efficient, and enjoyable urban and rural mobility. Every single woom bike brings the world one step closer to sustainable travel and a more liveable future. 

Our vision and mission form the basis for the design and quality of our bikes. And so woom bikes have the following characteristics:

Child-friendly and ergonomic: When it comes to children's needs, we make no compromises. 90% of our bike parts have been specially developed for children and are produced exclusively for woom. This means that our bikes are meticulously designed to match the specific needs and anatomies of children.

Weight is absolutely critical when it comes to ensuring a fun cycling experience. Our ongoing development work has enabled us to build bikes that are 40% lighter than conventional children's bikes. This makes woom bikes the lightest series-production children's bikes in the world!

A child that feels at ease on a bike is a child that can hardly wait for their next ride. The best proof? Kids learn how to ride on our bikes a lot faster than they do on standard children's bikes.

Being able to explore the world on their own is a blast for kids. With our bikes, we offer children a fun and safe riding experience thanks to excellent handling and an optimal ergonomic design. This means fun and adventure are guaranteed on every ride.

Even though we are passionate about developing the best bikes of the highest quality, we always have our eye on the bottom line. That makes woom bikes affordable for everyone. Their prices are on a par with those of good standard children's bikes. And because our bikes are of such high quality and retain their value, you can expect a very high resale value for a used woom bike.

Manufactured worldwide by the best:
We love having happy customers all around the world. By partnering up with highly specialised manufacturers based in countries ranging from Poland to Cambodia, we can guarantee our signature high quality every time. Much of our production is handled by specialised Taiwanese bike companies with decades of expertise in bike production and manufacturing facilities in countries across Southeast Asia.