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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

What makes the components on our woom ORIGINAL bikes so special Part 1: The Ergogrips

With an uncompromising focus on improvement, woom exists to change the design of children's bikes for the better. Across the entire bike, innovation floods into every component. On the woom ORIGINAL bikes, we've developed exclusive grips for the handlebars with a design that's optimised for children.

Felix Schifflhuber,

The Ergogrips found on a woom ORIGINAL bike have been specifically designed to match the needs of children.

Direct contact between child and bike

Grips are a key factor in not only how a bike handles, but also how much fun you have riding. Alongside the pedals and saddle, grips are a contact point between rider and bike.

Unsuitable grips can lead to a less-than-ideal posture on the bike, potentially causing numbness or tingling in the fingers. Riding a bike with non-child-specific grips means there's a high risk of excessive strain on the rider's wrists – especially over longer rides.

But it doesn't end there.

Handlebar grips are an important factor for staying safe while riding. After all, your child relies on them for control over the bars and therefore the bike. The better the control, the safer the ride.

Essential: the more comfortable your child feels on their bike, the more they'll want to ride it. And here at woom, we signal the importance of how kids that love cycling will grow into adults that enjoy riding their bikes.

Win-win for our own health – and for the planet.

woom Ergogrips score across the board

We've developed our Ergogrips with an ergonomic design that's meticulously tuned to children's hands. With an extra-large diameter on the ends of the grips, there's added protection in the event of a crash should your child fall on the bars.

We also constructed the grips from a seriously anti-slip material and designed a secure fastening system.

Our design team worked with the same focus as ever: putting the needs of children in the centre. That's why we haven't simply shrunk a standard pair of adult-sized grips – instead, we've designed the Ergogrips from the ground up.

The benefits of our woom Ergogrips:

  • Ergonomic design with added surface area
  • Small diameter to suit children's hands
  • Over-sized ends to protect the rider in the event of a fall onto the bars
  • Secure lock-on design
  • Premium, anti-slip material

"As part of the design process we carried out intensive research, which included collecting the measurements of hundreds of children's hands to determine the ideal proportions."

Martin Prähofer (Senior Product Manager)

Child-specific ergonomics = confidence

The made-for-children ergonomics refer to multiple design features on the Ergogrips. But most notable is probably their winged profile on which the palm can rest.

This contact surface has three advantages:

  1. It alleviates strain on the hands to preserve energy and reduce fatigue. 
  2. The winged profile provides palm support and prevents wrists from buckling over bumpy ground or kerbs, which boosts safety.
  3. The design supports your child's hand to maintain a good riding position throughout.

Keyword safety: the over-sized grip ends aren't just for show, they also provide protection. If your child were to fall onto the bars, these ends would prevent any major injuries.

Regardless of experience, almost all riders will have the odd hairy moment on their bike, which could occur when passing a parked car. However, thanks to our Ergogrips, you won't necessarily cause damage to someone else's paintwork.

That's because the soft rubber ends are less likely to leave a mark than a conventional grip made from harder materials.

The way in which our Ergogrips are securely fastened onto the bars is a further safety feature worth noting.

We're ensured that your child maintains total control at all time through their lock-on design. No sliding, no shaking. Everything stays exactly where it should. This reduces the risk of injury and allows your child to focus on what really matters: the ride.

Two child-specific design elements of the Ergogrips: the winged palm area and over-sized grip ends

Two sizes across nine bikes

The Ergogrips come in two sizes. The smaller version measures 19 mm in diameter and fits the woom ORIGINAL 1, 1 PLUS, 2 and 3. The bigger version with a 22.2 mm diameter fits the woom ORIGINAL 4, 5 and 6, as well as all the woom NOW models (woom NOW 4, 5 and 6).

Pay attention if you have the smaller grips:

Owners of bikes that pre-date 2017 should note these grips may not fit their bars. You will need to measure the diameter of your bars or your current Ergogrips. If you are in any doubt, contact our customer service.

The right Ergogrip is shorter on the bigger models in order to create space for the twist shifter.

Easy, one-tool repairs

It is easy to replace the grips at home. You will need a 3 mm hex key or a torque wrench. These items can be picked up from any DIY store.

Begin by unscrewing the current grips. Once you've pulled them off, slide the new grips onto the bar ends until they stop. Tighten them to 2 Nm. If you don't have a torque wrench at home, tighten the screw until the grips feel secure.

Here's where you can find the Ergogrips in our online shop. Alternatively, you can order the grips through your local dealer.

Nowadays, it's even cooler than ever to repair things. Sustainability is good for the planet. Are you interested in this topic and would you like to find out more about our sustainable upCYCLING scheme? Then click here.

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