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Our superlight, innovative and high-quality children's bikes offer your child no end of safe riding fun.

Should you buy a children's bicycle with or without automatic shifting?

Automatic 2-gear shifting could be just the thing for some kids aged between four and six. But for others – such as those who are just getting to grips with cycling – a lighter bike with just one gear is often the better option.

Is the woom ORIGINAL 3 or the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC the right choice for your child?



Automatic 2-speed hub gearing

Chainguard open at the bottom to make it easier to service the chain

Weight (without pedals): 6.1 kg

Price: € 479

Use and suitability:

Experienced children with plenty of power in their legs and confidence in their riding ability

Frequent everyday use

Longer bike rides and regular family cycling adventures

Hilly or windy areas

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Lightweight hub with single-speed gearing

Closed chainguard for added safety

Weight (without pedals): 5.4 kg

Price: € 399

Use and suitability:

Children who are still learning the basics of bike riding

Occasional everyday use

Short bike rides

Easy stretches without steep hills or a strong headwind

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