woom OFF Essentials Bundle

This bundle comes with everything your child needs for their woom OFF or woom OFF AIR. They'll be all set for their next mountain biking adventures with these accessories.


Our robust and discreet mudguards are the perfect match for all our woom mountain bikes. Gone are the days of your child getting a face full of mud on their cycling adventures.

LEGGIE Kickstand

Our innovative aluminium kickstand can be kicked up and down no matter what position the pedals are in. Size S fits woom ORIGINAL 1 PLUS, 2 & 3 - Size M fits woom ORIGINAL 4 & 5 and woom OFF/OFF AIR 4 - Size L fits woom ORIGINAL 6, woom OFF/OFF AIR 5 & 6 and woom UP 5 & 6

Size:  s
LOKKI Bike Lock

Our reinforced steel bike lock with level 8 security protection stops thieves in their tracks.

Colour:  black
EUR 56,00
EUR 62,70