What makes woom bikes so special – Part 6: Workmanship

Sarah Schwarz
Sarah Schwarz

Quality, durability and high-quality workmanship set our woom bikes apart. In this part of our mini blog series, you'll find out how we ensure that our bikes can stand up to so much use.

What exactly makes our woom bikes so high-quality and durable?

A child's bike not only has to withstand a lot of use, but also be fun to ride, and ideally be durable enough to be passed on to younger siblings or friends. That's why high quality in our bikes is so important to us – from the choice of materials to the workmanship of the individual parts and components.

  • With tube tapering, or reduction of tube diameter along the length of the frame tubes, we can create frames that combine high stiffness with low weight.
  • The frame welds that connect the tubes are even and cleanly executed, which means that they contain no impurities or bubbles. This not only contributes to aesthetics, but also results in extremely high stability.
  • Multiple coats of paint protect our premium aluminium frames against damage and the elements.
  • In addition, we use only sealed industrial bearings that cannot be penetrated by dust or water.
  • The wheels on our bikes are equipped with robust stainless- steel spokes that ensure high stability.
  • Our grips, the woom Ergogrips, are screwed securely onto the handlebar securing them against unwanted twisting and removal – that is important for the safety of your child.
  • A plastic insert in the seat tube of our small woom bikes (woom 1 to woom 3) protects the seatpost from scratches – you can simply adjust the saddle height.

In short, the quality of our bikes is reflected in every detail and ensures many years of happiness with your woom bike. After all, with a high-quality bike, your child can learn to ride easier, is safer while riding, and has more fun in the saddle. A high-quality bike also offers the second and third child the full portion of riding fun.


To ensure the quality of the bike as long as possible and enable a long life, you should regularly clean and care for your woom bike. The best way to do that and which parts you should include in a brief safety check are explained in these videos:

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