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What makes woom bikes so special – Part 2: Safety

Sarah Schwarz

When it comes to our woom ORIGINAL bikes, what really stands out is the quality of the frame and components as well as our special safety features. In this mini blog series, you'll discover the areas we really zoom in on when developing our bikes to make sure your child can be as safe as possible while cycling.

What makes our woom bikes so safe?

Learning new movements, maintaining balance, and at the same time watching where you're going – learning to ride a bike is no walk in the park, especially at first. That's why a good children's bike should have as many safety features as possible.

Throughout the entire design process of a woom bike, we focus on the quality of the build and how to ensure the greatest possible safety for the rider. These safety features offer your child a high level of protection while on their bike:

  • Low weight: woom bikes are lighter than conventional children's bikes. That makes our bikes easier to handle and simplifies the learning process.
  • Our specially developed, flexible steering limiter is a safety feature you'll find on bikes ranging from the woom ORIGINAL 1 (our smallest balance bike) right up to the 16-inch woom ORIGINAL 3. Its function is to prevent crashes caused by oversteering. 
  • All of the woom ORIGINAL models are equipped with impact protection on the bar ends in order to minimise the risk of injuries caused by falling onto the handlebars.
  • The closed chain guard on our smallest pedal bikes (woom ORIGINAL 2 and woom ORIGINAL 3) doesn't just keep the grime out; it also stops fingers and trouser legs from getting snagged on the chain. 
  • The wide, grippy tyres ensure that your child always has the best grip, whether on tarmac, gravel or a forest trail. 
  • The reflective stripes on the sidewalls of the tyres add visibility, even in low-light conditions. 
  • Even when it rains, the large platform pedals give your child great grip underfoot.
  • The knee-friendly stem comes without any protruding bolts to prevent injuries.

And, by the way, we took a pass on old-school handlebar pads. Although they imply safety, they are not much more than a 1980s fad, offering little in the way of real protection. It's much more important to make sure there are no bolts sticking out in prominent places, such as on the stem or cranks, as this is a common cause of injury for children.

While we're on the subject of protection – it's self-evident that your child should always be kitted in suitable protective gear while riding. This includes a well-fitting helmet, such as our KIDS' Helmet. Cycling gloves are another good idea as they protect sensitive skin from serious injury in the event of a crash – hands are often the first part of the body to come into contact with the ground. 

Regardless of whether your child is back on their bike for the first time after a long break or rides their woom bike constantly, it is so important that you regularly clean and inspect their bike. You can find our top tips on proper care and maintenance here:

An overview of our mini blog series

This six-part mini blog series is all about our woom ORIGINAL bikes. We take a closer look at the qualities that make our woom ORIGINAL bikes so special, show how they're different from other bikes, and explore the reasons why children have so much fun riding them – from the first steps on a balance bike to their first long bike ride.