Name Sticker (2 pcs)

These customisable metallic name stickers can be used on bikes, helmets, school bags and so much more.


Personalise like the pros

Having your name on your bike is very cool indeed. It not only gives your child a special bond with the bike but also motivates children to ride and teaches them to treat their bike with care. And, of course, it means you can't get things mixed up anymore! The woom name stickers can also be used on schoolbags, bicycle helmets, pencil cases and lots more.

Each sticker is made individually using state-of-the-art laser printing technology. Before ordering a bike, simply enter the name you want in the “enter name here” field in the shopping cart.

- Height: approx. 10 mm (the “Mika” example is 10 mm x 41 mm)
- Length: max. 20 characters (spaces included)
- Colour: metallic
- Easy to remove without leaving a trace

As the stickers are made individually, we do not accept returns unless there are printing errors. Please note that we need between five and seven working days to print the stickers, so if you order several products we will deliver your woom name sticker separately.

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